Initiatives of Emil Stoyanov 

The exhibition "The Legends from Bulgaria" in the European capital

Initiatives of Emil Stoyanov - 24/04/2012 | 15:13
During the official opening - Emil Stoyanov with the artists Ivan Minekov and Suli Seferov

From Monday to Friday MEPs, officials and visitors of the European Parliament in Brussels will have the opportunity to enter the magical and wonderful world of the artist Suli Seferov and the sculptor Ivan Minekov. The exhibition showing their works is entitled "Legends from Bulgaria" and organized by the Bulgarian MEP Emil Stoyanov who is Member of the Committee on Culture, Education and Media.

During the official opening the famous Bulgarian writer Vladimir Zarev gave a heart-touching speech "Suli Seferov creates a single, unique and majestic world, so colorful in a Balkan way and at the same time so important and universal," said Mr. Zarev. "With unconcealed interest and amazement I discovered the new messages brought by Minekov's centaurs" he continued. "I am very pleased that the Bulgarian flag flutters again in the lobby of the Parliament and that we can show part of our rich culture," said Emil Stoyanov.

The event attracted a large audience from the European Parliament, the Bulgarian community in Brussels, art experts from different parts of Europe. Amongst the first visitors of the exhibition was the Bulgarian Commissioner in charge of International  Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response Kristalina Georgieva. The official opening was attended by Bulgarian MEPs from all political groups.